That's a mighty fine ass you have there...

I love cranky...this guy is wonderfully cranky

He is The FoodAss.

Read his rant on baked chips.

Freakin' awsome.

P.S. He looks like Alton Brown's love child. Poor man.


sher said...

LOL!! Great post! He's so right--baked chips are terrible. I'd rather eat the extra calories and have the real thing!

Rosie said...

I have noticed that a lot of "low calorie" recipes save you only 50 or so calories over the original recipes. Why bother to skimp on flavor and texture to save 50 calories?

Sarah (the headhunter) said...

LMAO!!! OMG, you're so right! He absolutely looks like AB's lovechild!!!


Oh god, I'm still wiping tears.