Anticipation - An-ti-ci-pa-tion!

I can't wait!!!! I am as giddy as a school girl! We start our cookie baking on Saturday!!! This Sunday - we are having a cookie decorating party at a friend's house and the following Sunday, we are traveling all the way to Lancaster, Ohio to break in a friend's brand new kitchen. How new? Well, let me tell you that he is moving into the house as we speak. The last coat of paint went up on the walls last week- so yeah..that new!

If you really want to see how anal we have been in planning this - I can post my Excel spreadsheet listing ingredients, equipment and duties. Otherwise, I'll just take a ton of pictures and make you all hungry instead.

Some of the supplies laid in for this event:

  • 30 pounds of flour
  • 30 pounds of butter
  • 50 pounds of sugar (give or take 10 pounds, Tony has been drinking sweet tea a lot this past two weeks)
  • 6 pounds of dark brown sugar
  • 10 pounds of light brown sugar
  • 8 dozen large eggs
  • More nuts than I have a right to own
  • Double strength vanilla from Penzeys (Their store is right across from my work. Now my stalkers will know where to find me!)
  • 6 new heavy aluminum baking sheets
  • An extra bowl for my 6 qt Kitchaide mixer

    Plus a lot of other stuff that Debbie and Gail have at their houses.

If you don't hear from me by next weekend - you will know I ate too many sweets and died happy.


Sarah (the headhunter) said...

Oh wow. That looks like a list I came up with. Are you sure you aren't my evil twin, separated at birth? =)

Rosie said...

Could be, sister! Too bad we aren't closer - we could join forces! There would be a trail of groaning fat people from here to Indiana!

Sarah (the headhunter) said...

Don't you know it! My mom and I both decided that we were tired of trying to be skinny. We love food and, dammit, we eat it!!!