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Any parent knows this is true, but doesn't it occur to you that the only reason the kids love the bad stuff is because that is what they eat at home too? If you teach your kids what to eat and don't put up with "I don't wanna eat that!" then you can get them to eat what they should eat. A child is only slightly less intractable than a dog and with a little patience and training, you can get them to eat what they SHOULD eat. Unfortunately, most parents today are so worried about keeping the 'lil darlings quiet that they will compromise their child's health to keep the peace at the dinner table.

It seems to me its a case of the tail wagging the dog - as parents we are in charge and should not only lead by example, but also set dinnertime rules that encourage good eating habits. My favorite rule in our house: You have to eat one helping of everything presented for dinner. Even if it's sauted spinach and looks "gross". That means my hubby and I have to do the same. Once you've tried something once, THEN you can say you dislike it. And you better have a concrete criticism for not liking my cooking!

It doesn't mean we hate eating MickyD's or pizza - it just means we think twice before we pick up the phone and order carry out. It also means that, as head cook, I have to plan ahead so that I have healthy food that can be prepared quickly during the busy week. By and large, that requires more work than some people are willing to put into it.

So quit your bitchin'. Take some responsiblity for what your family eats. And don't blame the schools or the restaurants when they don't offer healthy choices. They are just giving your kids the foods that you have trained them to eat.


foodjunkie said...

I love your "kitchen"! I just recently found your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying catching up and all of the hilarity through truism! Thanks!


Rosie said...

Thanks Junkie! You are off to a good start yourself! I have a word of advice for you concerning cooking (or in fact anything you do because you enjoy it) - once you try to make a living at something, you can loose all the fun. I think it's better to be an amateur in the true meaning of the word - someone who does it for the love of the art. A lot of people think amateur is a dirty word, but I don't. It gives me a lot more freedom to go where I want when I want. And I do it because I like it - not because my whole life revolves around it.

So go grab that gusto - we'll have that hubby of yours chubby in no time!

Sarah (the headhunter) said...

I also find it amazing that a lot of parents don't take a better hand in what they feed their children. It's not hard to do, nor is it costly or time consuming. Hell, I sometimes have to put notes on vegetables in the fridge just so my kids won't eat them before I've had a chance to use them for something I've been planning.

I do the same as you as well, try it first and then if you don't like it you won't have to eat it again.

School food? Not for my babies. They take leftovers or a sandwich filled with black forest ham and brie; a favourite of my oldest son.

Rosie said...

Annie's favorite right now is "curried fried rice". I make a big batch of veggie curry once every couple of weeks as a side dish to chicken along with some jasmin rice. In the morning, I toss some rice and curry into a pan,heat it up and add in some leftover chicken. That goes into a wide mouth thermos. No leftover rice? I boil up a package of ramen and the same thing.

Sarah (the headhunter) said...

I just saw the last of my quiche lorraine walk out the door in their lunch boxes this morning. I had planned on having it for my lunch. Looks like I'll have to make do with navy bean soup....if they didn't take all of that too.