They're here.... they're live...they're on the inside....

So you wanna see what REAL LIVE BLOGGERS look like?

Wild Goose Collective will be displaying us...I mean... having myself and other Columbus bloggers talk about our love of food this Sunday at 7 p.m.

Other bloggers include Jim Ellison from CMH Gourmand, Nick Dekker from Breakfast With Nick, Dave Scarpetti from weber_cam and Dave’s Beer, Bethia Woolf of Hungrywoolf’s Food Blog, and Becke Boyer from Columbus Foodie.

Each one of us is going to cook something tasty for you to eat...so wear loose pants....

When: Sunday, September 6th, 7 PM

Where: 2491 Summit Street, Columbus, OH 43202

It's $5 at the door - looking forward to meeting everyone!

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