Resources for wanna-be gardeners

Hey folks - It's time to start planting that "recession" garden! Every little bit will help you. A pot of herbs, a patio tomato - money invested in a growing plant will come back you tenfold. Take a gander at a recent Dispatch article talking about the backyard garden revival.

Afraid? Don't be! OSU has a Master Gardener's program with trained volunteers to give you a hand. Check out their website. Not only are there articles with general information, but the Master Gardeners can give you personal advice!

Even if you don't have room of your own, you can look into using community gardens. A community garden is a place where land is set aside for use by the general public for growing vegetable and flower gardens. Some sites require you to rent the plot, others ask for volunteer hours or donations to offset the cost. Check with the owners of the garden plots to see what the rules are...

A few of the sites I found here in Columbus:

Four Seasons City Farm

Leave A Mark Community Garden

University Area Enrichment Program

Sycamore Hills Community Gardens

Grandview Heights Community Gardens

Plus more...

I was surfing the net and came across this site for the American Community Gardening Association. They do list quite a few sites in and around the Columbus area, but the information is sketchy, so research will be necessary.

You have land but don't have the tools? Check out the Tool Library run by the City of Columbus. They have a sod removing tool and a rototiller. I wish I had known about the sod remover a couple years back!

If you are on Food Stamps, you can purchase food bearing seeds or plants with your allowance . As long as the store accepts your Ohio Directions Card, you can start growing a few things of your own!

Finally, if you do grow a garden this summer, remember those who are less fortunate than yourself and Plant a Row for the Hungry .

These are but a few of the resources available online. So what are you waiting for?

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