Garden Envy

Ahhhhhhhhhhh - it spring and an old woman's fancy turns to thoughts of home gardening... I've caught myself pouring over seed sites trying to locate things like Ghost Peppers for the garden this year. I still have to till the ground - and this year I am using Ben, one of Annie's friends (who owes me money) to help me get the ground ready for planting. (Get to work beotch!) I just hope it drys out soon before he graduates and heads out for college - damn Ohio weather!

In other gardening news...

Michele Obama wearing the latest in gardening gloves.
Damn girl - those make you look hot!
(Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

I think it's really exciting that a Kitchen Garden is going in at the White House. Check out the diagram from the article. Pretty freakin' sweet. Of course, for the Secretary of Agriculture, it was still a press opportunity to pimp out the plan to put more fresh fruits and veggies on the lunch trays of school children ever where. I want to know if there is money in the plan to train the cafeteria staffs on how to cook food properly and not leach every single bit of nutrition out of the fresh produce - and food education courses for the kids so that they learn to appreciate all the new foods that are going to be coming across their plates. I can just see it now - tons of fresh veggies getting dumped in the trash because it"tastes yukky!" Sigh.

I think other government agencies should let people grow food on their vast expanses of green lawns. Every time I drive by a huge lawn in front of a building and think of how much herbicides and pesticides go into just maintain some grass..... *grrrr* it makes me mad. We talk about how expensive fresh fruits and veggies are, and yet we waste valuable growing area on grass.

And churches - they have tons of empty lawn space they could use to help raise fresh veggies, not only for their own congregation members, but for charitable donation as well. I know that there in one church up on Sawmill Road that has plots available. (Sorry I suck and can't remember the name.) Also, The Leave A Mark Church is offering garden plots for people who don't have land of their own. If you are interested, give them a shout.

Not sure how to start with your own garden? Check out the Master Gardeners website. The volunteers in this program offer advice and classes for people who want to learn how to grow their own veggies and fruits.

OH and I just wanted you to know that home gardening is non-partisan - I won't hold it against any of you Democrats or Republicans if you want to raise a few veggies...

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