Gettin' my Geek on!!!

My family and friends already have tickets to see the midnight showing of The Watchmen at Studio 35. If you can't make it tomorrow night, please attend opening week! Support one of our last independent theaters. It will make you feel good inside. Plus they serve beer.

You know you are a Watchman Geek if:
1) You own more than two copies of the graphic novel
2) You are wondering if you could go as Dr. Manhattan for Halloween if you started working out now and invested in a lot of liquid latex
3) You have The Black Freighter pre-ordered on Amazon
4) You plan on wearing the exclusive Comic-con t-shirt to the premier opening
5) You hope they come out with the Silk Specter Tijuana Bible - real soon....


Dave said...

This is still playing. Trish wants to see it badly. I wouldn't mind either. Was it as good as you expected?

Rosie said...

I really liked it. I thought it was a faithful adaptation of the graphic novel. I know a lot of fan boys have issues with it - but I liked it and would see it again.