Well it seems like some of the local bloggers are actually interested in getting together! I have set up a Google Calendar so we can share potential dates. Some of you have already received notices - the rest of you only need ask.

Also, any suggestions on venue?

Dave of Dave's Beer has mentioned going to MiMi's and then bowling. Sounds like a good time to me!!


Dave said...

So the wife is recovering from a minor surgery this week and all is set to go "normal" for a thursday when at midnight, the little one starts barfing all through the night. I don't think we'll ever be available when everyone's healthy. Ugh, parenthood. Magic moments mixed with barf.

Dave said...

I should also add, that bumpers can be put up on just the very handicapped bowlers (me and my daughter).

Rosie said...

Hey! I would use the bumpers too! I am a "special needs" bowler!