Here is a quick round of food related Halloween projects for all you slackers!!

Shrunken Apple Heads - I used to make these all the time - they look really really creepy - but you need to add the long hair to hang them by for the best effect!!
Body Parts - Come on bakers! Let's get creative...I am sure we can make up some zombie parts...
Fake Blood - A Halloween staple
Bloody Eyeball Martinis - After all the rugrats have gone back to the family dens, this will sound like a good idea...
Cockroach Cake - Hey, if this doesn't take you back to your college days...nothing will!!
Pumpkin Chocolates - It is not a celebration without chocolate
Sugar Skulls - Day of the Dead standards can now be the hit of your celebration
and lastly
Big Mac - the scariest thing of all....


sher said...

The body parts and shrunken apple heads are kinda scary! Loved the Big Mac and sugar skulls.

Rosie said...

I think that having your drink staring at you would get on your nerves after a while - "Stop watching me! I'm taking a cab home!"