I've been canonized!

A lady customer told my boss that I was a saint. I think she mistook exhaustion for patience and understanding. I just stared and smiled the whole fourty five minutes I was dealing with her - as coma patients often will. The weekend cannot get here fast enough...

BTW I got roped into having a home decorating party - don't think I mentioned that before - if I did, sorry. The gals from work and I are going to drink sangria and look at craptastic crap made in China. It looks like the stuff my elderly aunt used to have in her house. I am going to ask the sales lady if they have any display cases for my
Hellraiser figures. I think I will bring them for show and tell. There - take that, you blackmailing bitch! I think I am going to have a hangover this Sunday morning too.

Dinner last night? Long John Silver's. I've hit the bottom of the barrel. Did I eat it? Hell yes. There is some tasty stuff in the bottom of that barrel.

Bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan.
Yes I do feel better. Thank you.


sher said...

Pinhead!!!! Oh my God!!! Yes! Listen, as John Belushi said in Animal House, "My advice is to start drinking heavily." That will get you through that pasty, Yes indeedy!

What did you eat at Long John Silver? Did it have lots of breading on it?

Rosie said...

Yes, Sher - lots and lots of breading. I usually go for the deep fried fish with either tarter sauce and hot sauce or malt vinegar. The french fries ALWAYS get malt vinegar.

Every time we go to Long Dong's (as it is fondly called in my family), the hubby loves to reminisce about the schooners of beer they used to serve when he worked there in high school. Now there is a combo = beer and teenages working with hot grease. *shudder*

Glenna said...

Haha! I love it when someone else gets roped into those parties because every time it happens to me and I'm suddenly forced to have one I think "How in the hell did that happen. Never. Never again." And then I always feel sorry for someone so they can get the pink grandma candle with the plastic flowers on the side of the glass smells smells like mothballs combined with old people sweat when they light it. But I always feel sorry that they've got their heart set on it and give in.

I agree with Sher. Hope you drank heavily.

Rosie said...

Oh heck yeah - We finished off three bottles of wine and an entire plate of hot spinach artichoke dip. Then we just sat and bitched for an hour or so after the party. It felt soooooooooo good. Two people bought stuff despite the fact we begged them not to - I don't think they thought we were serious!

The good news is - we had to have a "theme", so we picked "Support the Troops". Some of our lucky guys and gals now have lots of goodies winging their way to them, including a case box of individually wrapped pieces of gum. (I have no idea where Debbie got them - but damn that's a lot of gum!)

Gail said...

Hell child, there's still a bunch of it in my cabinet at work. I think it breeds!! Reminding me I still owe you for that, money that is. I still owe ya for the party too, I haven't been to one of those in many, many, many years and you went and ruined my record. I'll get ya, I promise I'll get ya.