YEAH! My box of goodies is here! My secret food buddy was Tami from Running with Tweezers and she sent me up a box of southern goodies.

First off is some green tomato relish from South Carolina – I served this with some smothered pork chops tonight. It was damned tasty! Another recipe for me to figure out, darn it.

Next creamed honey from Georgia- it was very tasty in my morning tea.

A Sangria scented castle – the only way to get lit without drinking the real thing! One of Tami’s friends makes these candles. Go check out her website: www.plain-n-simple.com. Personally, I think that stress relief candle would be a good thing too - after I am done with my Sangria that is.

A Lavender Chocolate bar – ok, I can’t decide if I like this or not. It’s chocolate, but it’s got flowers in it. I kept eating it to see if I could make up my mind. Now, I need to buy some more to finish the decision making process.

Some homemade five-spice, cinnamon ginger shortbread cookies – these were great. I snacked on them with my after dinner coffee. Very subtle. Definitely a keeper Tami!

Flavors magazine-an Atlanta based magazine about food and restaurants. This could come in handy, as we have a friend who is trying to convince us to go with him to Dragoncon down in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend.

And lastly, an awesome CD of music that Tami calls “The Bake Mix”.

Thanks a ton Tami! You were a great food buddy!

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