Damn SPAM!!!!

No..not the new awful type of Spam…not the kind that makes you cringe every time you fire up your email client….we are talking the real deal here…the one…the only…

Why all the noise about the mystery meat in a can? After my last column about being an omnivore, I had to work late one night and came home to find the Spam stash completely consumed by the family. I think I even saw a couple of crumbs in the goldfish bowl.

This mass consumption of Spam lead me to muse upon its origins and uses as I showered later that night. (Yes, I think of food even in the shower.)

Besides the well known fact that Hawaiians have us all beat on the per capita consumption of Spam, did you even know there was a Hawaiian Spam? Or how about Smoked Spam? In our local stores we have only have Spam, low sodium Spam and Turkey Spam. Now according to the Spam homepage, Spam came from the words “Spiced Ham”. Ok…I can see that..but what about Turkey Spam? It doesn’t have any “-am” in it. It’s got “-urkey”! So now we have…

If this isn’t enough Spam for you…there's a lot more, including Monty Python’s Spamalot. On their website you can purchase limited edition Spam!

And finally, I have found what I am getting my hubby for Christmas…Hot and Spicy Spam, what ever true Spam-a-holic wants this holiday gift giving season…Yum!

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