A Fun Week!!

Starting with Tuesday: Water heater went bust. Ate out. Got sick. No more Chipolte (aka McTaco) anymore…that is the second time we got sick after eating there.

Wednesday: Tried to go into work. Plan did not jell. Neither did content of digestive tract. Damn McTaco. Came home. Laid on couch and consumed tons of water and Jell-o.

Thursday: Woke up. Felt great. Went to work. Went out to dinner. Got sick again. Gave up. Back to Jell-o and water.

Friday: Woke up. Ate some Jell-o. Starting to hate Jell-o. Went to work. Ate a sandwich out of desperation. Didn’t die. Yeah!

Saturday: Got up. Went to farmer’s market. Hit a huge pothole (sinkhole) on the way. Had to replace two tires. Went home. Ate Jell-o. Went to bed.

Moral to the story: God bless Jell-o.

Interesting Jell-o facts:

  • Fruits that float in Jell-O: fresh fruit such as bananas, citrus sections, sliced peaches, apples and fruit in light syrup.
  • The people of Salt Lake City consume more Jell-O per capita than any other city in the United States. (Obviously Mormons eat at McTaco a lot too!)
  • In "The Wizard of Oz," the horse that changed colors was actually six horses sponged down with Jell-O. (Need a quick Halloween costume? You know what to do!!)

Recipe of the week:

Jell-O Mincemeat Mold and I quote: “Jell-O Mincemeat! It's a grand and glorious combination of shimmering red cherry Jell-O, spicy rich mincemeat and crunchy nuts." Yum …yum…dahRool… dahRool

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