Where is the HELL is San Margherita, you ask? And why should I go there?

Last time I talked about Charlie and his unerring ability to find good food. This time I am going to tell you about another one of his finds - all the way over in San Margherita on the West side.

What is San Margherita you ask? According to Columbusite (an awesome resource for those of you who have never used it!), San Margherita was an outpost for the Italian laborers who worked the nearby quarries. Now it is home to a lot of people who want upscale condos and strip malls.

Still hiding on McKinley Road is a couple older buildings housing businesses like an auto shop and a carry out called the San Margherita Market. It's the Market we are interested in here.

One afternoon we were heading back from Charlie's house, when he said, "We are goin' someplace good for lunch." And then didn't say another word about where we were going. As he was driving, we were at his mercy.

We pulled up in front of this brick building with an ancient sign. It did not look promising. "Wait till you try one of their sandwiches - they are so damn big you can hardly get 'em in your mouth!"

Up front it looks like your average carry out with an above average selection of beer. As you get toward the back, you see the food section.

The menu reads like this.

Polish Sandwich
Ground Itialian (sic) Sandwich
Meatball Sandwich
Roast Beef Sandwich

I am sure there are other items - but I cannot recall... My mind boggles at the sight of the sandwiches...

First - let me tell you that the Polish Sandwich is made out of Polish sausage - and yet - its is not the sausage sandwich that you would expect. It is not the round meaty tube one associates with Polish sausage. It's more like meat spaghetti. The links have been shaved lengthwise so that the meat hangs in long thin strips. This is cooked in some type of liquid. But it's ok - don't be afraid. It is delicious. The owners pile mounds and mounds of this shaved sausage onto a soft white bun (from Audino's - synchronicity at work here folks!), along with cheese, onions, banana peppers and if you wish, yellow mustard and hot sauce.

Here is a picture of the large sub. I have put a King size Snickers next to it for reference. Not a little Snickers. A King size!

The medium is hardly any smaller.

Their meatballs are fantastic as well...tons and tons of them in sauce on the same soft bun...

And then there is the Ground Itialian. Yes - that is how it is spelled on the menu. This is a loose meat sandwich made with Italian sausage instead of hamburger. And yes - they are just as big as the Polish. I love these dearly, but they are a mess to eat. The last time I got one I stopped in a park on the way home and ate it on a bench hunched over so none of the meat would drop down my shirt.

Prices? Well they run like this - $6.25 for a large sandwich, $5.25 for a medium sandwich and a small is only $2.95. Personally, I would get the large even if you think you could not possibly eat it. We dropped off a Polish to our friend Eric who has been home ill for two weeks. He looked at it and said, "I cannot possible eat this big sub." When I got home there was a message on the machine from him. It said, "I called to tell you I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

Last but not least is the egg rolls. Handmade by the owners, they are fried up fresh and served with this fantastic dipping sauce that is sweet, sour and hot. At $1 each, they are a real steal.

So the next time you have a Charlie-sized appetite, or even think you might just want an egg roll - stop into the San Margherita Market and strap on the feedbag.

San Margherita Market
3255 McKinley Ave
Columbus, Ohio

Hot food served from 10 am - 8 pm

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Jean Bugs said...

I think I love Charlie.

Rosie said...

yeah - he is pretty awesome...

He is one of those larger than life people who take over a room when he walks into it...

Jessica said...

Hi Rosie,

I am casting a new food show for a major network and we are looking for a host! Your blog is hilarious and I think you could be a great candidate. We want someone with personality and who knows food and also some great places to eat for cheap where the food is amazing and doesn't break the bank. If you are interested I would love to talk to you further about the show. My email is below.

Talk to you soon!
Kemper Jackson
Casting Producer
Superdelicious Productions

The Social Raves Blog said...

Hey Rosie,

Stumbled upon your blog which is great. Can't wait to try San Margherita and Auddino's and rave about them at Social Raves (www.socialraves.com). It's a project I started a few months ago so people can find wonderful local businesses through the recommendations of family and friends. After all, who better to make recommendations to you than those who know you? Anyways, thanks for these "finds".


Doug Conn said...

Next time I'm in CO Ohio (maybe late Jan?) I'm stopping here! (& the bakery joint from the post below)
love the blog!