Julie & Julia Update

Thanks to everyone who showed up to attend the movie with me and my hubby... It was great talking to you and I hope we can do it again soon.

I liked Julie & Julia - it made me laugh, it made me cry and, most importantly, it made me hungry. (I should have eaten a big dinner before I went.) Meryl Streep was fantastic as Julia - she made us so nostalgic we pulled out our French Chef dvds and watched the real Julia make potato dishes when we got home. Dead on. Ms. Streep is amazing.

I have to say though - I really wish someone would make a "good parts version" and cut out all the Julie parts. It didn't really add anything to Julia Child's story, and to be frank, Julie came off as a little unstable and bitchy.

So in a nut shell - watch it for a compelling tale of a middle age woman's obsession with French cooking and married sex, and not the muddled, mixed up life of one food blogger... 'nuf said.

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