Smackie's update

My new work schedule prevents me from partaking in the glorious all you can eat Sunday buffet at Smackie's, but that didn't stop my family and friends (bastards!) Smackie's suffered a personnel shake-up a while back, but the good news is that the food is as good as ever - or in some cases (as reported by my backstabbing friends) even better.

I did, however make it back to the restaurant on a Thursday night when they sell the 1/2 chicken dinner. Best bird in town!

The other update is that they will be moving soon. It's ok - don't panic! Deep breath!! Instead of being housed in the freestanding building where they are at present in Columbus Square, they will be moving to the same strip that houses Mi Li's (Mi Mi's) Cafe. That just several hundred feet away. The website says they will be closed mid-February and reopen March 1st.

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