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Well, I got good news and bad news...so to speak.

The Good News - I will now have more time to cook and blog (hopefully). I accepted a transfer to a smaller store within my company. While it means that I have to travel a little further, I will be working less hours overall. That means more quality time with family and friends.

The Bad News - Less Hours=Less Pay, plus my days off are now Thursday and Friday. Ah well - life is a big compromise sometimes...

Last night I drove to Nelsonville to see the Asylum Street Spankers perform at Stuart's Opera House. I love the Spanker's music - it cuts across a lot of different styles plus it's funny. For those of you who haven't heard of the glorious Spankers, here is a little taste from their kid's album, Mommy Says No.

You Only Love Me For My Lunchbox - Asylum Street Spankers

When I was growing up, November was the birthday month in my family. Me, my mom and my dad were all November babies - the lone exception was my brother who was born in October. The 23rd would have been my father's 85th birthday if he were still with us. My dad loved Thanksgiving. Once every seven years or so, his birthday fell on Turkey Day and he was in hog heaven. You have to admit - that would be the rockin-est birthday dinner ever.

My father could not cook at all. He was from a generation that did not teach their men to cook. When
I was about eight, my mom was hospitalized for a week and my dad was in charge of feeding us kids. He asked us what we wanted and we said "Tomato soup!!"

So Dad got the can of Campbell's out of the cupboard and looked at it.
"How do I make it?" he asked me.

"The instructions are on the side, Dad." I said.

He studied the can for a moment. "How about McDonald's?"


Problem solved. We ate out the entire week.

The one thing I remember my dad actually cooking was soft boiled eggs. I was impressed. It required boiling water and a timer. Like my dad, they were not refined in any way. No egg cups or toast soldiers.

A Tasty Mess! I used to eat these all the time in college.

His recipe was this:

1) Butter two or three slices of bread liberally on one side. Tear into pieces and mound on plate.

2) Make three minute eggs. Crack open on top of buttered bread.

3) Mix up. Salt and pepper liberally.

4) Eat quick before it gets cold.

I woke up this morning cold and hungry. So I made a big plate of soft boiled eggs on buttered bread and though about my dad.

Me (age 2.5) and my Dad

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