Let's break for a news bulletin!!

So - I moved to a new position at work and ended up with a schedule that makes it impossible for me to go to the Farmer's Markets on Saturdays. I am very sad.

And to make matters worse - I also can't get my garden put in. It's just been too damn wet. What's up Mother Nature?! Do you have it in for me?

I am excited about a lot of non-food related things coming up in the next month.

The first is Cinevent, a movie convention that will be held over Memorial Day weekend. Tony, Annie and I are all old movie buffs. And that is what this convention is all about - movies that were made 1955 or before. If you like Turner Classic Movies - you'll probably love this convention. Talkies, Silent, Westerns, Comedies, Action, Animation - you name it there is something on the bill for everyone. We've been going to Cinevent on and off for almost 15 years now and every year we see something that we fall in love or discover an old star that shouldn't have been forgotten. Plus - and a big plus for me - is the dealer's room. Posters, movie stills, 16mm and 35mm films plus tons of other movie related items to buy and enjoy at home. I usually add a few more posters to my collection every year. And for the folks who really love eye candy and have the deep pockets to own it, a huge movie poster auction is held every year as well. Even if you don't care to bid, it's worth it to take a spin through the auction room during the preview.

While I love newer movie posters, some of the old ones have a impact that is hard to resist. As a little treat, here is one of the posters I picked up last year. I wanna see the evil orgies now! God I love schlock!

Now after sitting in a dark hotel ballroom watching old movies, where do you think I'll be heading on Monday night? You guessed it! Right back to see more movies!! This time we are heading to Studio 35 for the opening weekend of the new Indy Jones movie. I am in total movie geek heaven - watching one of my favorite characters in a great theater drinking really good beer and eating pizza. So folks - if you want to see Indy Jones opening week- please head on over to Studio 35 and say "Hi!" To Eric and Rita. Tell them Rosie sent ya!!

Lastly - we are heading out to another magic convention, this time in Vegas. Now you would think we would have learned our lesson, but nooooooooooooooo... Like moths to the flame... Amazingly enough, three of our non-magician friends have decided to come with us. The poor fools - little do they suspect...

Well, on the food front - not much happening here in my kitchen. My work schedule has kept me busy and I've been eating a lot of my stand-bys like pasta, salads and sadly - lots of take out.

I did get to go out for Mother's Day. The family took me to Smackies - the best 'que joint in Columbus. Sunday brunch was fine as always - in fact they have extended the offerings to include a custom omelet station staring their signature omelet names the smokehouse special. It contains pulled pork, brisket, cheese and onions. Yummmmm... The really great news is that they seem to have a better handle on the waitstaff - considering how busy they were, the gal who waited on us did a great job. Since the summer is coming up, I hardily recommend stopping in for some sweet tea and brisket. (I am having a hard time eating any pulled pork after my Carolina experience... no reflection on Smackies..)

I am working to perfect a good pickled egg recipe for football season - anyone have any suggestions?

Daring Bakers is coming up very soon and I can't wait to show you this month's disaster..I mean, challenge.

So that is it for now - I am trying hard to get some more stuff written, but I can only squeeze it in here and there until things simmer down.

And just in case there is a sugar daddy out there who wants to buy me a nice present (hint hint hubby!!!), here is a link to the poster I want most! !!


Jj said...

Frustrated here, too as its the first year I want to try my hand at a garden but it's been too darned cold to want to go out there and get it going! Soon, I hope otherwise I imagine I'll have to wait another year.

Lol on the sugar daddy...any takers??? ;)

Rosie said...

JJ - the weather turned pleasant this weekend, so hopefully we will get our chance...

And no takers so far dammit!