Butter Me Up!!

Stopped by the Meijer on Sawmill Road while out shopping today and found pounds of salted butter for $1/pound. No shit - a single green back for a pound of butter. Hot Damn!

If cars ran on butter, it would be a hell of a deal. Since cookies do run on butter - I guess it's even a better deal!!

I immediately purchased 33 pounds of butter for Gail, Debbie and me.

My freezer overfloweth; my hips expandeth.


dancer said...

Do you know how long can you freeze butter and does it depend what you are going to use it for?

Rosie said...

You can freeze butter for up to six month. Package well - it can pick up funky freezer smell. I usually package mine wrapped in foil, then in freezer bags.

The freezing doesn't really change the butter - it's mostly fat and water - so you can defrost and use as normal.

Bree said...

Nice deal!