Gobble Gobble!

Well I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! We lost power at our house from 10am until about 4pm - I just ended up putting the poor turkey in the oven at 5pm then making mashed potatoes and green beans for the sides. We ate about 9pm. Fortunately I had finished the pumpkin pies the night before. So while it was a small dinner - I suppose I should be thankful that it wasn't nearly as fattening as it could have been. I feel healthier already!!

This is not the first time Thanksgiving was called on account of technical difficulties. About 15 years ago, my mother lived out in the boonies North of New Albany. We woke up and started getting our prep work done for the big day - I got Mr. Turkey out of his package and took him over to the sink to get his bath. I turned on the faucet. No water. Mom came over - assuming I was pulling her leg. Still no water. Went into the basement to check the softener system. Nope. No water there either. A hurried called to a well specialist confirmed that the pump had picked the worst possible time die. (Oh - I didn't mention we had a well? - sorry about that - I mean, it was the boonies!) So we called all the family and said "No turkey for you!!". We ended up eating at Ryan's Buffet. Ryan's was the only place serving at the time. It was - bar none - the worst Thanksgiving dinner we ever had. (Sorry Ryan's - you suck!)

So not having electricity was not a huge disaster. It was just a minor setback. I actually got to go see a movie. We saw Beowulf. I loved the book - now I had to see the motion picture. (Yes, I am that kinda geek. I also loved reading the Iliad and Odyssey as well.) A quick review - I love Neil Gaiman. I think he is a good writer and I was eager to see what he had done to one of my old favorites. Here is a review in a nutshell: The animation was kinda spotty. Some parts were great - like the battle scenes - and others were so-so. The so-so scenes reminded me of cut scenes from video games. The story was well written and engaging, but the unevenness of the animation would distract you from the story. If you are going to see it - spring for the Imax 3-D experience. At least you will reap the rewards of the axes flying out of the screen at you.

Now for something completely different!

Last Sunday, the 2007 Cookie Confab was held at the Hong Kong Buffet at Reed and Henderson. After much discussion, it was decided that we would be cutting back on the amount of cookies made this year. Part of it was a time consideration - the other part a cost consideration. Baking for the masses is costly and with the price of gas and other commodities eating into our budgets, we cut back on the number and types of cookies. The one cookie we all agreed on was Stroopwaffles. The damn things are so addictive. Crispy cinnamon scented cookies with caramel sandwiched between them - who could resist? Also making the list were Pecan Diamonds, Sandies, Decorated Cutouts and Gingersnaps.

The other thing we decided was to expand into candy this year. Specifically toffee, sea foam and something called Kentucky Creams that Debbie found a recipe for in the Columbus Dispatch. The creams intrigued me - they are a pulled candy. This means you take the sugar, butter and cream mixture and boil it to the softball stage, then pour it out onto a marble slab. (Yes - Gail has a marble slab. She has a thing for heavy stone objects. Here are some of the other items in her collection - statues of family members, outbuildings and birdbaths.) Once it is cool enough to handle, then you pull it like taffy until it looks "creamy". If you pull it properly, it will soften and get creamy. If you pull it improperly - well one lady suggested passing it off as fudge!! So yet another challenge for the Cookin' Trio!

I will try to take pictures of our candy making adventures. No promises though - I might be too busy pulling out the candy! It all depends on who draws the short straw.

Next up - Another Daring Adventure!!


slush said...

Im a newb to all things yeasty and I had to read the recipe over and over and over. And even then I wasnt so sure. I struck gold when I saw breadchick asking if anyone wanted to bake at the same she was. Had I not had this direct line to infinite knowledge, Im not sure how my bread would have turned out.

Your bread looks fantastic. Sorry you werent impressed though. Nothing like putting in hours of work for a major let down.

Loved the post!! xo

Gail said...

HA - love them heavy objects. Starting with ME!! Can't wait for the candy making excursion should be a bit more than interesting

Gail (GG with a twist)