Bitchin in the Kitchen: Tabloid Edition

A long time in ago in a month far far away (July to be exact) Lisa of Restaurant Widow tagged me to tell 8 random things about myself. Well, life being the roller coaster ride that it is - I am just now getting around to to my contribution.

So here it goes - 8 random facts about my overcrowded life

1) I used to collect comic books. I am still a big comic book fan. I particularly love some of the more intense graphic novels like Watchmen, V for Vendetta and The Dark Knight. I also love old school comics like The Spirit. My only regret is that the Spirit reprints are $50 a pop and there are 20 volumes. My current favorite: Fables written by Bill Willingham. I suppose that makes me a geek.

2) In relation to the first secret - I squealed like a little girl when I saw the Iron Man trailer. When he broke the sound barrier at the end - I actually stood up and did a little happy dance. And I guess that makes me an even bigger geek...don't care. I will be in the theater on opening night. I just hope it doesn't suck like the Fantastic Four.

3) I love going to Studio 35. I have been a semi-regular there for about 22 years. I have been through four sets of owners and a lot of beer. We are going tonight to see Stand By Me and enter the pie eating contest. I hope the pie is cherry.

4) One of my goals is to drive Route 66 with Tony and Annie before she goes off to college. I want to stop at the Big Texan and watch someone eat their huge steak challenge - I sure as hell ain't gonna try it.

5) I like eating mango chutney on bread as a snack.

6) I like old piano jazz. One of my favorite performers is James Booker. Yeah, he was a coked-up drunk, but damn...what music.

7) I am tired of working so much. Well that's not really a secret. I have been dreaming about owning goats and making aged goat cheese. My friend Gail says I am insane - goats stink.

8) I hate the North Market when it's crowded. Hell I hate any place that is too crowded. People are too freaking self centered and never apologize when they run you over in the aisles.

So there you go! Eight things you probably could have lived without knowing. I am tagging Lorence of Lorence's Kitchen, Butta Buns and ummmmm anyone else who needs to post something on their blog. (I assume that means everyone.)

Next time - I have been busy canning and putting things by before fall does it thing and the bounty ends. I hope to have everything posted soon.

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Anonymous said...

Did you save any of those old comics? I once came across one of my brother's stashes in a huge box. Man we had a field day plus there was a bunch of old Mad magazines mixed in for good measure. It's such a huge thrill these days to see the old stories in movies.

I had the same exact reaction about the Iron Man trailer and even said that it made up for the Fantastic 4 too! I'm still pissed about that stupid movie, I want my money back!

But anyhoo, I'll try to get my meme up either tonight or tomorrow.