Arghhhhhhhh!!!! We're being invaded!

When you first plant your garden, all the plants that come up look so innocent and cute, their little leaves poking their way though the newly tilled soil. You water, you weed , you fertilize – and then you notice – what the hell is that?

Here is my zucchini. I had no idea it was going to get this big! Tate is scared that it will start crying “Feed me Seymour!” and come through the window for him one night. Now I know why my dad never grew the damn things. He was afraid they would eat the neighborhood pets.

I also have a new garden neighbor. I have not seen him, but here is his new home under the shed. Note that he has put out his garbage for collection. Tate claims it is a ground hog. I say it is a wayward zucchini bent on world conquest. Either way, I am keeping my eye peeled.

I have also been picking green beans. Lots and lots of green beans. Damn tasty. Tony is the official bean snapper. A good hubby knows his place. He also peels potatoes and apples. If you do not have your own well trained hubby, I could rent him out for a reasonable rate. However, you must not under any circumstances allow him to watch ESPN, feed him hot dogs or nachos, or let him drink caffeine after midnight. Bad, bad, bad.

And lastly: My favorite veggie dish this week!

French Potato Salad with Dijon and Herbs

There is no picture. It was eaten far too fast to pose for the paparazzi. I added some green beans that I cooked with the potatoes. I will be making this again. Definitely. Maybe next time I can fend off the wolves long enough for a picture.


sher said...

Alright!! I've missed your posts. Those green beans look wonderful. I don't have any green beans yet--so I really envy you. If we don't hear from you, does it mean that the zucchini plant ate you? And when you eat the dish before you take a photo--it's a damn good recipe!

Rosie said...

Hi Sher!

The thing attacked me again today while I was wrestling more of its delicious offspring. I told my garden buddy he would get to rick personal injury next time!!

My only regret about the green beans is that I did not stagger my plantings so when they are done - they are done! booohooo....

MomLady said...

French Potato Salad with Dijon and Herbs.

It sounds so good, but alas the link is not available to those who don't have a paid membership.

Rosie said...

Actually, MomLady, it is free to register for the America's Test Kitchen Site.

Just sign up and the recipe is yours!!

Contrary Guy said...

with that big orange flower, I was tempted to guess 'pumpkin'...