I writ at random, very doubtfully.

Wow – Ten Random Facts about Myself. Hmmmmmm what deep dark secrets should I reveal? Sarah of Dining with the Headhunter tagged me - so if you can’t sleep tonight, blame it all on her!

So here we go:

  1. I am an illustrator and graphic designer for magic instructional textbooks. Not that kinda magic - the sleight of hand, pick a card any card kind. Don’t believe me? Check out Lee Asher’s website. I did Three Stylin’ for him! Honest! He’ll vouch for me!
  2. I am collecting as many versions of the song “Junko Partner” as I can locate. The fascination all started with a recording my hubby made in New Orleans of James Booker, a jazz pianist. I have since located three other recordings of the same song by Booker - each one is totally different being dependent on what kind of mood he was in that night (or more likely, what kind of drugs he was on). I have about six other versions from various artists.
  3. I have a mutant stomach. It is shaped like a “J” instead of the normal “kidney bean”. I found this out a while back when I was having digestive problems and they looked down into the maw of hell during an esophagogastroduodenoscopy. The best thing about the whole procedure - they give you great drugs. As I was coming out of the twilight sleep, the doctor told me about my malformed stomach. I looked at my hubby and said “You always suspected you married a mutant – now you know for sure!”
  4. I threw myself into Buckeye Lake when I was five years old. I was tossing bread into the water for the ducks and tossed one piece just a lil too hard - in I went! My dad jumped in and pulled me out, soaking wet and scared but unharmed. My uncle, who had the cabin on the lake, would tease me about “feeding yourself to the ducks” for years afterwards.
  5. I play board games every other Friday night. Not Monopoly, Sorry or any of those plebian games, but hard core Euro games, like Puerto Rico, Carcassonne and Tigris and Euphrates. We meet in the back room of the local gaming shop and battle it out all night. It’s a great excuse to eat crappy junk food, stay up until 3am in the morning and gloat when your friends lose to you. It is a toss up as to whether I spent more money on cooking equipment or board games last year. And before you say it - Yes, I am a geek.
  6. My favorite snack when I was a kid was Cheese Wiz on toasted cracked wheat bread.
  7. I love Terry Pratchett’s books. I think he is the best humor fantasy writer ever. Yeah, that’s what I said. You wanna fight about it? Put 'em up, put 'em up! I can fight you with one paw tied behind my back. I can fight you standing on one foot. I can fight you with my eyes closed. Sneakin’ up on me huh?!
  8. I would rather watch an old movie like The Gay Falcon or a movie serial like Daredevils of the Red Circle than most of the drivel that passes for entertainment on cable tv. I really love going to movie conventions like Cinevent, sitting in the dark on uncomfortable chairs for 4 days and watching movies I can’t see anywhere else. Now that’s entertainment!
  9. I buy really ugly Pyrex to use in my kitchen. The best deal so far: two large bowls in avocado green and harvest gold both for .$25. Yup, two bits. For two really ugly bowls. They hold a boatload of potato salad though.
  10. I like to collect Godzilla toys. My daughter used to get mad when she was little because I wouldn’t let her play with them. She once said, “You have more toys than me! That’s not fair!” It’s not, but now she has her own collection of Neopets that I’m not allowed to touch. So there!

So there it is! Ten Random things you would have been better off not knowing!

I am still thinking about who to torture - I mean tag for this meme - stay tuned for updates!


sher said...

I think the thing that impressed me the most.....the Godzilla toys. :) Do you have any of his arch enemies? Mothra? Rodan?

Cook's Illustrated always ranks Pyrex as the best. But, it does get ugly. I have a a lasagna pan and pie plate that I inherited from my mom. Ugly, but they work great.

Rosie said...

Oh heck yeah! I have Mothra, Mecha-godzilla...and Ghidorah (or should I say KING Ghidorah, as he earned his title). We even have all the little army men for the monsters to eat. They are nicknamed "popcorn". We have so many toys, the hubby came up with a game so we could battle all of our army men against the monsters. Who says I'm too old to play with my toys!?