Just a few quickies

I have a confession to make – Debbie is my evil twin or rather, I am her evil twin. Customers at work get confused and think we are the same person. This includes customers that have been coming in for years! Excited by her web debut, Debbie has been spreading the gospel! She sent her sister a link to this blog to show off the pictures we took during our holiday bake-fests. Upon viewing the entries, Sis asked Deb if that was her hitting the bottle! Her own sister can’t tell us apart! I think this will lead to greater opportunities for mischief.


I caught the premier episode of “Ham on the Street” last night on the Food Network. It’s pretty damn funny. I learned a lot of cool stuff, like you can’t cook an ostrich egg sunny side up. George Duran is manic, amusing and just plain fun to watch. He connects with the poor folks he drags in off the street, and draws his audience in.
Here is a quote from a Food Network website interview:
FN.com: What makes you different from other Food Network hosts?
GD: You may not be able to tell on TV, but I don’t like wearing underwear when I cook.

You got to love it.

Right now there are only three episodes listed on the website. The next airing is on Jan. 14th at 2:00pm.

I wonder if I could bribe him into kicking Rachel Ray in the ass for me? Hmmmmm…


In case you live under a rock, I thought I would post this link about Julia Child’s kitchen at the Smithsonian. I think it’s time to make a pilgrimage. Her PBS program was the reason my hubby and I wanted to learn to cook - and the great thing about her programs is that they are still an educational, and fun, watch today. The second set of DVDs just came out and they are already on the way to our house.


A conversation with Frank

Me: "So did you put on any weight over the holidays?"
Frank: "Yup! 10 pounds!"
Me: "So where did you store it?" I poked his tummy.
Frank: Points to his man boobs
Me: "Went up a whole cup size huh?"
Frank: "DD, baby!"

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