Ok… I confess!

I am borrowing this from Sarah who borrowed it from Amy who borrowed it from David. I am sure there are other people borrowing it as well…

  • I have no less than 10 bottles of hot sauce open in my kitchen right now.
  • I love the way apple cider vinegar tastes and have been known to take a swig when cooking with it.
  • I have a secret stash of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate bars – the really big ones - and no one knows where they are except me!! Muhahhahahah!
  • Sometimes I “dice” onions in my hand over the frying pan the way my mom used to do – with a paring knife and a ‘lil luck.
  • I don’t own a bread machine, but I have been known to proof bread in my microwave.
  • I make Raman noodles for dinner at least once every two weeks.
  • I will only eat all beef kosher hot dogs now – I am spoiled.
  • I love limburger cheese – and it loves me back. Unfortunately, everyone hates us both when we are together.
  • I only use whole milk. Everything else tastes like watered down Whiteout.
  • Currently, 10 pounds of cheese reside in our fridge, yet I constantly look for more.
  • I love to eat “gross” foods in front of squeamish people, just to see the look on their faces. “No, waiter, leave the heads on the fish.”
  • I have secretly enjoyed turning my daughter into a food freak. Now she enjoys grossing out her classmates with what she takes for lunch.
  • I love to eat calorie and fat laden foods in front of people who can’t – and then brag about my perfect cholesterol and blood pressure. “Wow, Mike, are you sure you wouldn’t like some of this cheesecake? It’s got a really great caramel sauce on it. What about some of these homemade sausages and bacon – the best ever! Me? No, my doctor says she has never seen a cholesterol score this low in a woman my age…” (And yes, my cholesterol and blood pressure scores really are that low…)

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