The Mutants are Coming! Run for your lives!

It all started innocently enough...a friendly gift from a neighbor. The tag in the pot read :"Yellow Pear Tomatoes". The family danced with glee and planted their new delicious friend. But as the summer progressed, it became obvious that something evil was happening..something dark. Instead of the happy, fun loving pear shape, a dark green crenelated alien form emerged. The family shrank back in horror! Obviously, this was the work of pod people..spreading their evil spawn across the face of the Earth...(or maybe it was Scientologists. I always confuse the two. If I see John Travolta in my garden one more time...)
So far, all the scientists have to work with are immature green fruit, thereby making it impossible to say what type of creature we are dealing with. One thing they know with certainty...it sure as hell ain't no yellow pear tomato. If you or any of your family see the creature pictured and have information about it origins, please contact the International Department of Interstellar Observation and Technology (I.D.I.O.T.) or if you cannot reach them, email me!

This has been a public service annoucement. Keep an eye to the sky!

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